Girl, the world is at your fingertips

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I wish I had known this fact some odd years ago. The world is literally at my fingertips. What I mean by that is this.. The only difference between the people out there killing it and myself, is how I decide to spend my free time.

One day I got to thinking about how many resources are available to me. This little guilty feeling crept over me. Oh how much time I have wasted doing nothing for myself, not taking advantage of the world. I wanted desperately at that moment to get out there and just start killing it (translation-maximize my days). I asked myself one simple question—What are you passionate about? I have no idea. How am I 24 years old and I still don’t know what I’m passionate about? It’s like I don’t even know myself. Wait one minute… when I was young, I LOVED reading and writing. Oh snaps, maybe I still do! Here is a thought, remember those resources I was talking about a second ago? Libraries are free HELLO. Im like wake up Erin— Free knowledge.


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So where do I start? HMMM, well I want to learn about myself, life, etc. I want to know useful things to help me out in general.. maybe I want to own a business of some sort? Ok I admit it, I don’t know—but I do know I want to learn.

MY mind races like this all day every day, from thought to thought lighting fast. My mind always racing can be super annoying at times, but it has always been this way. Maybe I should play my strengths and capitalize on that very fact. I, then realized I needed to start putting said thoughts down on paper, or in my case —notes in iPhone.

First step, library card. Step two, check out my first book. Literally so exciting. Insert “nerd” emoji here. Whatever I liked reading at one point in my life, but lost the passion along the way. Its funny how your greatest weakness can be converted into your strength. Hey, its all about perspective.

I love that I was able to reconnect with my passions from when I was a kid. Why do we lose all of our hope and excitement when we get older? Who knows. I’m just glad I found it again. All it really took was to really think deep about the title of this blog! The way I see it, everyone has the same opportunity. Get out there and start killing it, girl.





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