Adirondack Island Getaway

Did you know you can camp on an island in the Adirondack mountains of NY for $30 through the New York State DEC?! Before this trip, I haven’t had much experience in the camping department, but I can honestly say I had a blast learning new things while enjoying some of the best views I have EVER seen.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
We got to the campsite by boat. Secret: I’ve never driven a boat before.
Towing the kayaks behind us, and running out of daylight (rookies.)

At Indian Lake Islands campground, you are secluded from other campers which is cool, but also a bit scary. This is a boat access only campground, but there are also campsites that are not on an island. TIP: You can rent a canoe from the campground or you can work with Indian Lake Marina 7 miles up the road and rent an actual boat (which is what we did.) Being that there were no showers, no cell service, we slept in a tent, and used a pit privy (which is essentially a wooden porter potty if you can call it that,) I decided that renting a boat made me feel much safer. Seeing that we ran out of daylight while setting up camp, I’d say it was a good call. LOL. Had we tried kayaking like we originally planned, it would have turned into an episode of survivor.

Only the essentials. BTW, Long Trail Brewing CO. beer is the perfect outdoor beer.

It was awesome waking up in the woods! Fire first thing due to the fact that the charcoal  we brought for the grill would not light probably because we left it on the boat overnight (again, rookies.)

Morning snuggles while it’s still a little cool.
Ahh, French press coffee first thing.
Our foggy morning view.
Hot dogs for our first breakfast, yolo.
…and spaghettio’s & meatballs for lunch. Don’t judge us.

Feeding the little ducklings was the cutest thing ever, they came SO freaking close to me!


Bombing around on our little 16 Ft. rental boat was probably my favorite thing besides cooking food on the fire (nothing beats food, absolutely nothing.) Gazing at all of the nearby mountains on the water cruising along was so peaceful. Did I mention there is even a little sandy beach! You can picnic there so in case camping is not for you, and you don’t want to stay the night in a tent, you could simply go for the day and still appreciate the beauty and snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

3 words: Ice Cold Brewski. Okay two actual real words.
My postcard photo, CHEESE!
Oh look, another island!

The sunsets were like no other. Steak dinner and a view were a perfect combination making it a highlight of the trip.


Now I am certainly more of a “glamper” (glamorous camper,) but being able to say I actually camped and had a blast is a pretty good feeling. Now although I was excited to get back to civilization, I highly recommend this campground — if not just for the sense of accomplishment, for the views. The leaves just starting to change, the fog in the morning, the reflection on the water of the trees, the mountains in the background, the islands, and I could go on. Happy camping and be sure to follow my next journey via Instagram 🙂

Most photos were taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR.





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