The Trends I like and the ones I’m going to let Kylie Jenner Rock

Every girl deserves a day where she says screw it, I’m not adulting today and I recently bought a shirt for those exact days.

👉🏼 The Trends I like, and the ones I’m steering clear of 👈🏼


>• The cute/punny shirts I am on board with. Especially this purple “Namast’ay In Bed” gem from Target.  

Buy this shirt.

>• Girly coffee mugs with sayings on them. I am all over it.

Get the caffeine queen mug.

>• Dad sneaks — not so much. I’m not sure why they are a thing and why we are making them “cute”, but for now I’m steering clear.

>• Knit bathing suits I am so with this season. However, the one-piece thing — I like on some people — but me personally, steering clear.

I can’t live without this purple high-neck knit bikini.

>• Cheeky shorts — not my style. Now I think some people take “suns out, buns out” just a little too seriously, just my opinion guys. Maybe I’m alone here.

So that’s the latest and greatest on the blog. I want to see your floral-inspired spring style.




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Chasing views. Living by my motto Adventure more, worry less. So far it’s working— hopefully I can show you a trick or two 😘

10 thoughts on “The Trends I like and the ones I’m going to let Kylie Jenner Rock”

  1. I agree with the cheeky shorts. Who likes their butt hanging out of clothes? Maybe if I had a supermodel butt, am I right? Lol

    Also, I’m giving the one piece a try. It’s harder to tan in, but so freaking cute. Fingers crossed!

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