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By some odd chance, you ended up on my website and I’m really happy that you’re here. Allow me to introduce myself.   🙂

I’m Erin out of Syracuse, NY and I started this blog extremely confused at what direction I wanted to take. I have always been drawn to the “misfits” of any crowd; maybe because for so long I was one. I never really did follow the crowd, or at least I never wanted to.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been afraid to be myself as a result of being put down by hateful people.

Some days, I still struggle to be myself when surrounded by those types of people, but I believe everyone has the potential to be great with the right cheerleaders behind them. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one, so I became one. You can too.

Where Be Unpopular began: One day I was struggling with the idea that I don’t fit into any one category, and then it hit me like a brick wall —  I don’t need to fit into any specific category to feel worthy.  That is exactly what makes me great. Thus, Be Unpopular was born. It started with a simple idea, a thought — and it blossomed into a travel-heavy, everyday adventure, popular-opinion ditching, and women-empowering blog.

This blog has helped me grow through writing about my travels, personal experiences, and other inspiring boss babes. Putting myself out there to the world and in turn giving other women the courage to do the same is the most liberating feeling in the world.

I pledge to be UNpopular. I pledge to stay true to myself and challenge popular opinions I  may disagree with. I will use my voice for good.

Courageous, strong, able, funny — these are the words I will start using to describe other women; not fat, skinny, bitch, weird. Let our fire burn so bright that no one can dull the flame. Creating a strong network of women building each other up and being unapologetically themselves. Now let’s get out there and start killin’ it, girls.