When we were kids, it was so easy to become excited about any ole thing. It’s almost as if you stop enjoying the small things in life when you grow up. For some reason you just don’t know how to dig yourself out of the adult β€œrut” that you live in. It’s not that you’re unhappy, its not like you’re living a miserable life without fun. In fact, you’re probably doing all the β€œright” things β€” paying bills, working a decent job, etc. No matter how much you try to ignore it, at the end of the day you feel deep down to your very core that something is missing. You know damn well you were meant for more.. but what? For me, BLOGGING.

Imagine a life without limits, rules, or expectations. Living fearlessly. Living in every moment, an UNpopular life β€” one most people only dream about. I’m talking adventure, love, coffee, great outfits, the best eats, and a lifestyle made for you by you. Cherishing interactions with strangers as well as loved ones. Competing with your yesterday’s self rather than someone else. Breaking the rules of society and going with your gut, who always knows best. ❀

Let’s get a little selfish, be UNpopular. Live your life the way you want, having your opinion hold the most weight. So with this blog, let’s take on the world & let nothing stop us from reaching our fullest potential. Instead of breathing to live let’s live to breathe.