Beauty/Well-being Tip That Changed My Life

First let’s talk about bags, dark circles, and tired eyes. Let’s be frank, no one wants them. You don’t feel like yourself, you don’t feel 100%. I dealt with not only looking tired the majority of the time, but feeling tired as well. I read a great deal about not drinking enough water causing similar symptoms. Google solves all problems, right? I figured that couldn’t possibly be my issue because water is my main choice of drink. So I decided to do an experiment for a few weeks now, making sure I consume more water throughout each day. I didn’t keep track of a specific amount each day, I just made sure that it was more than what I had been drinking prior.

A few things happened.. #1 My skin feels more hydrated. #2 My skin feels softer. #3 My dark circles vanished. #4 I feel more awake and alert all day and night. Beforehand, I could literally fall asleep during the day if I wanted to because I would get THAT tired. Watching a movie at night? Forget about it. I would be out cold in 2.5 seconds. 25 going on 60. Grandma status. I tried more caffeine — coffee, sugar-free red bull, etc. Lo and behold the solution is water. Something that’s free is the best beauty tip I can give you. Score! I’m no doctor, but these results were pretty straight-forward for me. I hope this helps you! Too simple? I challenge you to try it, you’ll be glad you did.


Hydrated & Happy.

Amazing pics by  CreativeCapture