Spring into Something Beautiful

As spring has finally arrived, so does my very first style blog! I can tell you’re as excited as I am. As nicer weather comes our way, so do brighter and more colorful styles. One store that I frequent always seems to get it right — EXPRESS. No matter what buy there, I am never disappointed. I am an A-list credit card holder. Whoops. Did I mention shopping is a hobby of mine?

This floral print Peek-a-boo sleeve blouse is simply AWH-mazing. There are so many styling options for this spring! This blouse is a flirty addition to any pair of jeans or shorts — weather permitting. Though if it is a breezy day, pair it with a jean jacket for a classic meets modern look. I know jean on jean, it works though — I promise. Check out the link here and join the floral craze.



How do you know what pants to wear?! There are leggings, jeggings, plain ole jeans, skirts, capris, shorts, skirts, distressed jeans, and now cropped jeans. I am a huge fan of cropped jeans. They are unique — plus you don’t have to worry about rolling them up! The best part you ask? They go perfect with heels or flats. These are also the comfiest pair of jeans I have ever owned, no competition. High-waisted = LOVE at first sight. Summary: high-waisted, distressed, AND cropped, what’s not to love? I told you, Express gets it right. Get them here 👉🏼 Express Life.  For a more casual look with these versatile cropped lovelies check out this “Champagne Problems” tank, also from Express. Yea, I can think of worse problems to have. Find this gem here.





Now, drumroll… My favorite part of this outfit. Two words — Floral. Heels. So as you may have guessed by now, I’m really into floral. Jean-Like texture all over, and floral detailing on the heel. By Jessica Simpson, oops she did it again. Oh right, wrong person. Anyway, these chunky heels I could literally run in. As a matter of fact, I have already tested their durability. You’re in good shoes, ladies. Hours of dancing approved. Gets these beauts right hurr… Lannah Pumps. If you think this outfit has too much floral, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. Kidding, don’t hate me. If you are not a fan of heels, no worries. I’ve also paired this look with suede flats by Calvin Klein. These aren’t the exact shoe pictured, but are very similar — and also by Calvin Klein 👉🏼 Suede ballet flats.

Try something different this spring! Get your style on. XOXO. Follow me @ Be UNpopular for more style tips/fashion inspo to come. ❤️

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You don’t look good in hats, Sincerely your inner critic.

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So your head is too small to wear hats, it looks silly —you look silly. Wait one minute —who are you to tell me what looks good on me?! You’re me & I want to wear a hat! Alright, alright enough talking to myself. This little voice is in my head ALL the time, whether I want to admit it or not. Now that I acknowledge its existence, I will choose to ignore it. This was me on a random day at target btw. True story.

I had convinced myself for a long time that I would never look good in hats, and I accepted this as the rule of thumb. So back to being in target— I decided maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe I DO look good in hats. I made an executive decision to try this nice, beautiful, flowy hat on. To my surprise, OMG it looks OK! Actually, it looks great on me! I couldn’t believe it. All this time spent not wearing hats because my inner critic told me that I would look dumb. It also helped that the nice lady standing next to me was like “BUY it, looks great!” It felt undeniably good to hear it out loud from someone else. And maybe it wasn’t even that it looked great on me, maybe it was the confidence that I wore with it. Self love makes everyone look good.

View More: http://raeoflifephotography.pass.us/erin-hartle-blog

Anything you wear, you should own it. Own that shit like a boss. Which reminds me—a few years ago, I did not know how to take a compliment. Legit someone would be like “your shoes are so cute!” I would reply with “yea I got them on sale” or “Oh yea I have had them a while.” What are you saying right now? LOL. Just say thank you… It’s like I was afraid to come off as too cocky or something. Problem was, instead of coming off cocky, I was coming off as an unconfident and overly polite human. Yes I know it makes zero sense. Am I the only one who thinks this way? The struggles of being a girl. I sometimes still have to make a conscious effort to say THANK YOU, rather than some other weird and awkward response.

Moral of the story, don’t let your inner critic control your life because of fear—fear of looking silly, fear of judgment, fear of whatever else you are afraid of. Fear is a nasty & paralyzing feeling. You run your life, not that nasty voice inside your head.