Ways To Adventure On A Budget

One of my favorite quotes is “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” And so I shall. Quarter of a century old and having the time of my life. Every day is a new adventure. What if the best vacation, or rather STAYcation was in your own backyard? Sometimes it doesn’t take a trip to the Bahamas to feel like you’re winning in life. I came up with this blog because not everybody (including me) have the funds to permanently vacay, so why not appreciate your own town as well as surrounding towns.

#1 Go for a drive

Sometimes when I have nothing better to do, I go for a drive in hopes to stumble across a new place to adventure. Thus far, I have had pretty good luck. I found an abandoned train and watched an EPIC sunset. Pink and blue skies and not a care in the world. They say the best things in life are free.



#2 Waterfallin’

As it turns out, NY has a ton of waterfalls to see. So, I packed a lunch with my boo, and had a picnic right in front of a 137-foot waterfall. This picnic included a sandwich, pasta salad, mini blueberry pie, and red wine which I happily drank out of my favorite “wine bitch” glass. Who says you can’t be fancy in the middle of the woods? If there were ever a statement to describe me better than the previous one, I don’t know what it would be. My family can attest.


Pratt Falls -Manlius, NY


Salmon River Falls -Pulaski, NY


#3 Run a 5k or 10k

I LOVE running and what better way to stay in shape than signing up for a 5K? It gives you an excuse to train and gives you something to look forward to. The feeling afterward is one of accomplishment, plus you usually get a free pint of beer. WIN-WIN. Getting a team of friends together like I did for the annual cider run was so much fun! If you’re not an avid runner, I almost encourage you to try it even more because you will feel so amazing afterwards. Scenic views and running for a good cause — practically spells adventure.


We were feeling amazing after this 5K


..Yay Free Cider, SUCCESS.


#4 Explore the outdoors & take lots of pics

Snapping a picture on a railroad track with an oncoming train? Checked that one off the bucket list. I enjoy walking around the closest downtown city and appreciating the architecture of the buildings, the graffiti, and the simple fact that there are homeless people out there playing saxophone on the streets. I also enjoy exploring the country-side just lying in a field of dandelions just for an epic picture. Leaning out on the top of a parking garage downtown? Been there, done that, and took some photos, OBV. Find happiness in all things.



#5 Try a new restaurant

New parks, new restaurants, new dessert locations, and new coffee shops as you will see in my future blogs. I’ve found some amazing restaurants in surrounding areas. I cannot wait to share them with the world. Every restaurant is unique in its own way. It is especially fun to speak with the owners just to get a taste of their different personalities. One restaurant I’ve recently discovered has a pasta man in his own little bubble cranking out fresh pasta right in front of you! It’s like they imported him straight from Italy. I will follow up with a detailed blog with that one. I. Love. Food. Exploring new restaurants every now and again is completely affordable and super fun as long as you appreciate the details of everything it takes to successfully run the place. Remember, you are paying for the environment and the service, not just the food! SO tip your servers!

6176674208_IMG_0457    6174602416_IMG_1283.JPG


#6 Winery/Brewery

So many wineries and breweries to choose from. They are all a blast. Do some research in your surrounding area and go for it. Grab a group of friends, split a bus or limo, and prepare to have a hangover that will be well worth it — I promise. Just don’t be silly and think that you can drive just because it is just a few wine and beer samples. You cannot and should not. Some samples turn into full glasses for some reason. It is no surprise that I have an unhealthy obsession with wine. I recently bought a shirt that has a T-rex and it is holding two glasses of wine. The wording states “WINO-SAUR.” For a taste of my style, you can look forward to unique style blogs here. 💁🏼


Tailwater Lodge -Pulaski, NY




Ok, so there are so many things to see in Canada. If you want it to feel like a real vacation, what better way than technically being out of the U.S.? Niagra falls really is beautiful, especially if you walk over to the Canadian side when there is nicer weather. If you are close enough to go for the day, super cheap. If not, Airbnb.com is a great option. I did that while visiting Toronto, check out my experiences in Toronto here.


Niagara Falls



Rooftop life -Toronto, Canada


Moral of the story: if your life is lacking adventure, make your own. While its more fun to venture out with another, it’s also fun now and again to venture out by your lonesome.   It takes me back to green beer Sunday and my cab ride home with Mr. Osirus (the amazing ninja cab driver), if you haven’t read it — here it is.. Cab Ride With the Man-Bun. Spark some of your creativity and E-mail me all of your favorite adventure spots!

Another day, another adventure.




Cab Ride With The Man-Bun

The best cab ride ever. I had the time of my life on green beer Sunday right before St. Paddy’s day. I started drinking at noon if that tells you anything. Like any typical girls night, I was having way too much fun to leave — so I didn’t. LOL. So 9pm rolls around, all of my friends are already gone, and I’m finally ready to leave. Two cabs are sitting out front, so naturally I approach the first one. He said “$45.” My house is ten minutes away. No wonder Uber is taking over — waiting patiently here in CNY. Me being the sassy ass that I am said “I bet this other cab driver will give me a better deal!” I may be sassy, but I was right. Other cab driver said he’d give me a $10 break. You just get vibes from people and this guy gave me positive ones. I sat in the front seat with a beer in my hand — apparently I walked out with it. Oopsie.


He probably thought I was just drunk and wouldn’t remember our conversation, but to his surprise, I remembered every word. I asked him what he wanted to do in life and he told me how he wanted to be an actor. This lead to the topic of martial arts. I’m thinking maybe like a Jackie Chan kind of thing. He showed me insane videos with him hitting dummies left and right. HI-YA! He’s basically a ninja. He told me that one time this dude 3X his size put a knife to his neck and tried to rob him. WHAT?! Thats crazy because the cab driver is pretty big too. Little does the robber know that man-bun is a martial arts master disguised as a taxi cab driver. He was so funny telling me this story. So he tells me he is “acting” nervous while grabbing the cash for the robber, making a point to tell me he was actually very calm and that being calm is important. So he grabs the robbers hand so that he drops the knife, elbows him in the face, and then pushes off the dashboard to end up in the back seat with the robber. He kicks him while opening the door so that he falls out onto the street. He gets back in the drivers seat and the robber is up and on the hood of the cab. LOL. So he drives off like in the movies with the bad guy still on top of the car. Man-bun-1, other guy- 0.

So instead of a silent ride home, we just talked like we knew each other. I love conversations with strangers. I don’t like small talk like “Hey how are you?” “I’m good thanks.” Its like a never-ending cycle of BORINGNESS. I don’t care if it’s customary, Be UNpopular people. Ask people real stuff. Get to know each other. Deep convos are what I live for, not pointless polite convos that are easily forgotten. I don’t want to be easily forgotten. I’m going to make my mark on this earth one way or another. I don’t want to look back when I’m older and wish I would have done things differently. Find your way lovies— because when you do, the feeling is like no other. I’m never going back to the old me.


Attempting a Kick..


Yea.. so he carries a wooden sword in his car, you know just in case.


It was a $35 cab ride BTW. Totes worth it though.

Had to meet up with him sober for these photos. SUCCESS. ✔️ Do something crazy today. Do something UNpopular, YOLO. Interview below.

  1.  Q: What inspires you everyday, what gets you going? 

A: I feel needed in the community, that’s why I don’t drink at all. I like to be ready at all times, in case someone needs a ride.

2.    Q: Are you going to try to be an actor?

A: That would be cool, maybe if I had the chance.

3.    Q: What is one thing you wish people would know about you?

A: I wear driving gloves and I think people get the wrong idea. Just because I look tough, people judge me right away, but I’m a really nice person.