How to experience the world without breaking your bank.

First things first… Let’s take a look at your finances.

1. Live cheaply–The main expense for most people (besides kids) is their mortgage. I live as cheaply as possible. If travel is something you have to do, and you’re not rich–you need to live as cheaply as possible. No point in spending all of your hard earned money renting or on a mortgage if you’re never home!

2. Cancel any monthly subscriptions that you don’t use/ and or need–I just cancelled an HBO Chanel I didn’t even know I had! Hey, $10 is $10.

3. Marry rich–What? It’s a legitimate option that would work. On the other hand you’ve probably been a mooch your whole life and should listen to that Destiny’s child song ‘independent women’ a few times if you’re inclined to take this route.

4. Reserve an Airbnb instead of a hotelThanks to Airbnb there is now a cheaper place to stay than your good ole Marriot. Plus, a lot of them are nicer than hotels. Hotels can be more than half of your travel expenses.

5. Camping/Glamping–Campsites are ridiculously cheap. Not. a camper? Glamping may be for you.

IMG_3450 2.jpg


6. Travel to a destination where you know someone–Meaning you stay for free! Or you can do what I’m doing next September/October in Germany and travel with someone who knows someone–and still stay for free! This is a seriously underrated tip. When anyone tells me something  like “Oh my sister lives in Hawaii, I need to visit her” Im like “Well, I would fly with you anytime!” lol Hiii Kaitlyn, Don’t forget me.

7. Don’t over pay for stupid tours–Although some are great, instead, I would recommend choosing maybe one tour or excursion of some sort that is highly-rated by trip advisor and affordable. Trip advisor is perfect for researching prior to any trip because it has tons of reviews, links the company websites, pictures, etcetera so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will be. I always use it while “planning” any trip. I put that in quotations because I don’t do a whole lot of planning, but I do like to know a little about where I’m going and what there is to offer. Side note: if you’re ever heading  to Montreal, do the Segway tour!

Money-saving tips for roadtrips:

⇒ Split gas

⇒ Pack a cooler and drinks so no unnecessary gas station stops for over-priced water

⇒ Get an Airbnb with a kitchen so you can cook in a few times, or a campsite as mentioned above.

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Experiences are priceless

You were not born to pay bills and die

You can get out of the nine to five mindset

You can lead an UNPOPULAR lifestyle just like me


Wanna keep it in your own backyard-type adventure? Check this ‘Ways to Adventure on a Budget’.



Bridal Shower Honeymoon Basket

My girlfriend is getting married and I wanted to think of a bridal shower gift that was cute, but also meaningful and unique — So I thought about a few things..

#1) What will they actually use?
#2) Try not to leave the groom-to-be completely out (poor guys always get left out.)
#3) What is something that they would say that is definitely from Erin? (That’s me.)

The third is how I came about the honeymoon basket idea. I love travel, and they will be traveling for their HONEYMOON. What a brilliant idea!! One that is not on the registry. Hopefully not every single person in the world takes this idea because as a result, registries would be pointless, and brides would not receive anything they actually asked for (sorry bride-to be’s.) The best part of this idea is it is 100% customizable by YOU. Anything travel related, and— if you know where they are headed, you can customize your gift to according to that! Most of these items were bought at T.J. Maxx. Amazing deals.

Item number one:
Luggage tags: They are adorable + makes them feel fancy. For more travel gift ideas click mytagalongs.


Item number two:
Tropical pens and Bucket List notepad — This is great if they don’t know exactly where they are going and it will get them motivated to actually throw some honeymoon ideas onto paper. My gf has kids and I didn’t want her to put off the trip forever! She deserves to go wherever her heart desires — and so does every bride.


Item number three:
Neck pillows for two. AWH-dorable. One boyish, one girly-ish.


Item number four:
Travel Backpack: Especially when it’s hot out. Nothing is worse than hauling a huge or uncomfortable purse around with your wallet, ID, passport, camera, etc. This Stylish, neutral, gold-studded backpack from my travel experience, is a necessity.



Item numbers five & six: 
Wanderlust bag & Franco Sarto shades.


Item number seven:
Honeymoon dress. I probably should have gotten him swim trunks too, but I left him out. Sorry Scott, I said I wasn’t going to do that.


Item number eight:
His & Hers mugs. I may have gotten a little carried away here because these don’t really have to do with travel, but they are so cute — AM I RIGHT?! Think of this gift as a filler or just because I’m my own person and I can give whatever gift I desire whether it’s relevant or not! #yourenotmyrealmom




Item number nine:
All items placed in this cute pairs-themed tote finished with a pretty gold bow. Don’t forget the bow for the bride-to-be hat at the end of the shower! Maybe I am trying to sway where she decides to go for the honeymoon. Maybe it’s just a cute travel-themed tote that went with the flow, the world may never know.



For more unique gift ideas that are sure to please the crowd, head on over to  👉🏼 annavasily: 15 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas To Stand Out



**This is not a sponsored post.