How to experience the world without breaking your bank.

First things first… Let’s take a look at your finances.

1. Live cheaply–The main expense for most people (besides kids) is their mortgage. I live as cheaply as possible. If travel is something you have to do, and you’re not rich–you need to live as cheaply as possible. No point in spending all of your hard earned money renting or on a mortgage if you’re never home!

2. Cancel any monthly subscriptions that you don’t use/ and or need–I just cancelled an HBO Chanel I didn’t even know I had! Hey, $10 is $10.

3. Marry rich–What? It’s a legitimate option that would work. On the other hand you’ve probably been a mooch your whole life and should listen to that Destiny’s child song ‘independent women’ a few times if you’re inclined to take this route.

4. Reserve an Airbnb instead of a hotelThanks to Airbnb there is now a cheaper place to stay than your good ole Marriot. Plus, a lot of them are nicer than hotels. Hotels can be more than half of your travel expenses.

5. Camping/Glamping–Campsites are ridiculously cheap. Not. a camper? Glamping may be for you.

IMG_3450 2.jpg


6. Travel to a destination where you know someone–Meaning you stay for free! Or you can do what I’m doing next September/October in Germany and travel with someone who knows someone–and still stay for free! This is a seriously underrated tip. When anyone tells me something  like “Oh my sister lives in Hawaii, I need to visit her” Im like “Well, I would fly with you anytime!” lol Hiii Kaitlyn, Don’t forget me.

7. Don’t over pay for stupid tours–Although some are great, instead, I would recommend choosing maybe one tour or excursion of some sort that is highly-rated by trip advisor and affordable. Trip advisor is perfect for researching prior to any trip because it has tons of reviews, links the company websites, pictures, etcetera so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will be. I always use it while “planning” any trip. I put that in quotations because I don’t do a whole lot of planning, but I do like to know a little about where I’m going and what there is to offer. Side note: if you’re ever heading  to Montreal, do the Segway tour!

Money-saving tips for roadtrips:

⇒ Split gas

⇒ Pack a cooler and drinks so no unnecessary gas station stops for over-priced water

⇒ Get an Airbnb with a kitchen so you can cook in a few times, or a campsite as mentioned above.

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Experiences are priceless

You were not born to pay bills and die

You can get out of the nine to five mindset

You can lead an UNPOPULAR lifestyle just like me


Wanna keep it in your own backyard-type adventure? Check this ‘Ways to Adventure on a Budget’.



Where you can find some of the best views in NY

This 17 mile long state park is worth all of the hype. Letchworth State Park, also known as the Grand Canyon of the east includes 3 waterfalls, restaurants, hiking trails, and no shortage of spectacular look-outs requiring zero effort to enjoy.

It was named after William Pryor Letchworth who fought until he died to preserve the natural beauty of this land. Before he passed, he gave the land and estate to the State of NY to be used as a public park to ensure its preservation.

For $10/car, I’d say we got our money’s worth. I was lucky enough to spot a double rainbow above middle falls, my personal favorite of the 3 waterfalls.


Great bend look out was the first spectacular overlook that I remember and looking back at the pictures, I see why it was so memorable. I’d say don’t look down, but then you would miss the view! 😉



There is a restaurant and Inn on site formerly belonging to Mr. William Letchworth himself. His old country estate is now the Glenn Iris Inn. In Greek, Iris actually translates to rainbow. The fact that I witnessed a double rainbow above middle falls, just adds to this already amazing trip.


Highly recommend the Almond Joy cold brew cocktail. After hiking over 300 stairs on a 90 degree day, it brought me back to life. There was whipped cream and a cherry on top, but it looks like I consumed it before I decided to snap the pic. The strawberry daiquiri was a little too icy for my taste, I prefer a much smoother blend. The cajun-style burger with bacon was phenomenal. Although there was air conditioning indoors, for some reason we ate outside on the patio (not my decision).


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"Appreciating the outdoors is something I think everyone should work on. The natural beauty of the world breeds happiness." -E

He Called Me Fat and My Reaction Was Priceless.

I wanted a new place to shop that didn’t involve the mall, so I shopped Coco McCall through Insta.

There are a lot of men (boys) who think it’s acceptable to comment on women’s bodies. I’m going to share this story to help bring awareness.

A group of co-workers were standing in a circle talking when one guy said “I hate this place and all of the people here.” I reply with “I like everyone here, well… mostly everyonelooking straight at him as if to say that I liked everyone, besides him.

A little backstory… anything this individual has ever said to me has been negative, rude, or downright disrespectful towards women. This time (instead of staying quiet) I put it out there that I’m not his biggest fan.

He then says, “You think you’re better than everyone here, don’t you?” I responded with “No, just better than you.” I was smiling ear to ear, but I look back and think I may have misspoke because I don’t think I’m better than anyone — but you better damn well believe my parents raised me better. Of that I am sure.

He got so twisted over it, that he proceeded to ask me if I was getting fat. I laughed.

It’s funny because I am usually too busy getting skinny-shamed (yup, it’s a thing). “Eat a cheeseburger” and “You look unhealthy”, so this was a new one for me. First I’m too skinny and then I put on ten pounds and suddenly I am a cow, moooo. So, I decided to tell him that I put on a healthy ten pounds and then I walked away. I didn’t call him names, I didn’t bother stooping to his level. Why not?  It wouldn’t do anything for my character except make me feel just as immature.

I felt empowered after that happened. He has called several co-workers fat in my presence before, and now me. How was I so happy after being put down? It doesn’t make any sense — or does it? His intent was just that — to get me down, but why give him that satisfaction? He hated my smile at that moment. He wanted to make me feel inferior, intimidated even. He would have felt better about himself if I had turned bright red and stayed quiet. This time, I did not. I love my body enough to not allow him or anyone to impact my opinion of myself. I have a whole girl gang behind me that supports me and that’s all I need.

What makes me so disappointed about people like this is the fact that had I been feeling a little insecure that day, maybe it would have affected me in a negative way. What if I  wasn’t in a good mood? He very well may have gotten the rise out of me that he intended to. What if he had said this to someone who may have developed an eating disorder, or worse — self-hate. Though I know words are just words, that doesn’t mean you should say whatever you want. It’s called being a decent human. For those who think bullying is for kids, I’m here to tell you, it’s not. Some people never do grow up.

The good news: there is something we can do. We can choose to be the bigger person and not allow their words to affect us. Instead, we should take it for what it is — someone trying to steal your shine because they are blinded by your radiant light. To be clear, I am nowhere near perfect and I can’t always follow my own advice, but you can bet that I try my best every single day and my hope is that I inspire others to do the same.

Surround yourself with other girls that make you strong and lift you up, they are important! In case no one in your girl gang told you today, you’re the shit. Need a powerful movement to join that supports women of all shapes and sizes? Check out this café with a cause and become a warrior for change like I did.

Say it with me girls, kiss my fat ass 😘



When you Almost Ruin a Surprise Party

Yesterday I decided I wanted to check out a nearby winery: reason number one I have never been there, and number two wine-not?

My date and I waltz right in to the tasting room and it looks like there is a private party going on in the back behind the big black curtain. The lady behind the bar asks if we need anything and I told her we were hoping to do a wine tasting. To my disappointment, she told me they were closed for a private event. I’m thinking well that really sucks, until the lady sitting at the table next to us says “Will you please stay? I’m throwing a surprise 50th for my very best friend and I need you two to be the cover!”


I love this already! We say yes, of course.

The best part is — had we showed up 10 minutes later, we may have ruined the surprise! Typical. Another day, another story to tell.

So we are sitting at the bar tasting delicious wines (trying not to be overly excited or suspicious) when the lady tells the bar to cut the lights in the back and wait for the signal because the birthday girl has arrived! I’m just thinking how happy I am to witness this and how funny it is that they have big balloons in the back that read “21”. She is 50.. These are my kind of people.

The birthday girl walks in and they tell her there is a coat rack in the back where she can hang her coat and when she pulls the curtain, we hear the big “surprise!

It was honestly the most heart-warming, cutest thing ever. I am so happy we got to be just a small part of it. Side-note: it was actually my first time witnessing a surprise party!

If you are a wino, Greenwood winery is the place to go. Their bistro is right next door (which is open later than the tasting room) for dinner and drinks. We had dinner in the beautiful dining area paired with my favorite glass of wine called sincerity — a smooth white semi-sweet wine made from the Niagara grape. For another favorite wine spot, check out Best Desserts of CNY: Dani’s Dessert and Wine Bar.

Smoked turkey avocado
Fried haddock special of the day

They have live music every Friday so we got lucky to enjoy that after dinner! Also worth mentioning — there is a huge fire pit outside to enjoy your wine while keeping toasty. If you love this story, read about the crazy cab ride with the man-bun.





The Trends I like and the ones I’m going to let Kylie Jenner Rock

Every girl deserves a day where she says screw it, I’m not adulting today and I recently bought a shirt for those exact days.

👉🏼 The Trends I like, and the ones I’m steering clear of 👈🏼


>• The cute/punny shirts I am on board with. Especially this purple “Namast’ay In Bed” gem from Target.  

Buy this shirt.

>• Girly coffee mugs with sayings on them. I am all over it.

Get the caffeine queen mug.

>• Dad sneaks — not so much. I’m not sure why they are a thing and why we are making them “cute”, but for now I’m steering clear.

>• Knit bathing suits I am so with this season. However, the one-piece thing — I like on some people — but me personally, steering clear.

I can’t live without this purple high-neck knit bikini.

>• Cheeky shorts — not my style. Now I think some people take “suns out, buns out” just a little too seriously, just my opinion guys. Maybe I’m alone here.

So that’s the latest and greatest on the blog. I want to see your floral-inspired spring style.




Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Shine

This applies to all types of relationships: from friends to significant others.

When people are unhappy with themselves, they tend to hold a certain amount of animosity towards those who are happy with themselves. They almost instinctively try to dull their shine. Are you a shiner, or a shine-stealer?

I share this from personal experience. I allowed someone to dull my shine and I had no one to be mad at, but myself. I was happy, headed in the right direction, and excited about life until I began questioning myself. I let someone question me and who I was for far too long. If you hang around negative energy, it eventually latches on to you, too.

Cut ties.

It’s not that they are bad people, they just haven’t found their way yet. Give them a fair chance before you just cut all ties. Sometimes people go through hardships and they take it out on all the wrong people.

My best advice is this: once it starts to affect your mental health and/or happiness, it is time to let go. Be honest, tell them the deal. Be selfish and put yourself first. That’s loving yourself.



IMG_9884.JPG 2.jpg


Meet Kaitlynn: From Employee to Boss Babe

There are several reasons that I find Kaitlynn’s story inspirational, but let’s start at the beginning.

Kaitlynn was at her job doing hair for about 10 years when she started feeling unhappy. Unexpectedly, co-worker Vince got fired triggering the revelation. Feeling under-appreciated, Kaitlynn and two fellow co-workers quit their jobs. With no set plan, they had to find a way to support themselves — and fast! Faced with uncertainty, they still chose to do what they felt was right.

She began working with clients out of her home for a short time before coming together with her old co-workers and developing a game plan to purchase a building in Cicero, NY. Vince being the main investor helped form the alliance between the four. Little did they know when they quit their jobs that they would be going from co-workers to co-owners in a matter of months. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you have no choice but to make big moves.

When describing her journey from employee to boss babe, easy is the last word she would choose. Many tears and countless busy days/nights getting things in order while still trying to manage clients in-and-out of her home. Between getting all of the proper licenses and insurance out of the way and co-owner Vince doing all the construction to make the salon ready for business, Kait did not have much free time (or funds) for any fun. She is an amazing friend of mine and I remember asking her to dinner or drinks during all of this, her response always the same “I just can’t afford it at the moment, but soon!”

I’m happy to announce that she has been a proud business owner for about four months now. Going through personal hardships in the midst of all this (including a split between her and long time boyfriend of four years) earns her well-deserved boss babe status. She specializes in hair restoration giving her the opportunity to help men and women regain their confidence from hair loss due to cancer, trichotillomania, alopecia, and baldness. In her new business she is now able to especially help women who have lost their sense of femininity and self-love and treat them as more than just a customer. Her and the three co-owners are more than friends, they are fam(ily). Driven by passion, hard-work, and dedication — you can count on Revelations to treat you as family, too.

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The fun side of her job includes hair extensions for thinning hair or just for people like me who want voluminous, luscious locks! Which of course, I had to test out. Here are my results… wow. I went from Fiona (from Shrek) to Jessica Simpson.





MAY — Quit job.  JULY — Salon purchase. NOVEMBER — Revelation’s doors open for business.

Remember: it’s not easy, but it is possible. To schedule a free consultation or for more detailed information, you can check out her website or e-mail her directly at


Q & A:

Q: If there is one thing you would tell women who are unhappy in their current job/field, what would it be?

A: A client once told me, “little risk, little reward, big risk, big reward”, and that has stuck with me through all the ups and downs of this process. People told us that we couldn’t do it and that we wouldn’t be successful, which only fueled our fire.

Q: What was your driving motivation to up and quit your job with no set plan?

A: I knew I had enough passion, desire, and drive to achieve my ultimate goal of being able to make a career out of this while still putting my clients needs first. Achieving results for my clients suffering from hair loss at a more affordable price is what I do.

Q: How can we inspire other women by your story?

A: Everyone wants the American dream; be successful and be your own boss. If you stay true to yourself and your priorities are in check- with a little bit of hard work you can achieve anything. No matter what other people think.